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App made with college newcomers in mind.
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ugr-chat-app home

What is it?

I was thinking in the amount of questions that I had in my first year in college... This app is made to match newbies and anybody willing to help.

It's called UGR-CHAT-APP because UGR is where I study, but I guess that it'd be helpful in any other (feel free to fork it and rename it).

How does it work?

  1. Enter your name and choose your role
  2. You'll get into a queue until you are matched with someone from the other role
  3. You'll see a chat then, just talk!

How is it made?


I use express to serve the frontend and socketio to emit and receive events to and from the client side.


Perhaps it's overkill but I like vue and vuetify to get things going on quickly.

Test it

It's live in heroku (it's a free server, the response is going to be slow)

Test it locally

# Install and start backend

npm install && npm run dev

# Install and start client

cd client && npm install && npm run serve

More screenshots

ugr-chat-app chat ugr-chat-app modo oscuro home ugr-chat-app desconectado

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