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Basically, couch_planet is a combination of two more or less independent applications:

  1. A feed crawler. Subscribed feeds are regularly polled for updates. When there are updates, the new (or rather updated) feed entries are parsed, serialized into JSON (in particular a JSON activity stream-like format), and written to CouchDB.

  2. A CouchApp. It is responsible for client- and server-side rendering of the JSON documents (a.k.a. feed entries).

Deploying the CouchApp

Assuming you are in the apps/couchapp directory and you have the couchapp command line tool installed, you can push the CouchApp to your CouchDB. For example:

couchapp push . http://name:password@hostname:5984/couch_planet

Please see http://couchapp.org for more information on CouchApps.

Deploying the Feed Crawler

In the apps/crawler directory, simply run make. Then, if everything was compiled successfully, you can now start the crawler from the same directory. For example:

./start.sh http://name:password@hostname:5984/couch_planet/_design/couch_planet


Provided that you've successfully deployed the CouchApp, as well as the crawler, and provided that the crawler has access to your CouchDB with the deployed CouchApp, the crawler will as soon as it is started send updates to the CouchDB, which then can be rendered by the CouchApp.

The URL of the CouchApp's main page is e.g.


To edit your subscriptions, you need to login with an admin account. Therefor, just click "Login" (top right corner) on the main page and enter your credentials. If your admin succeeds, you'll be automatically forwarded to the subscriptions page where you can edit your subscriptions. To submit your changes, just click "Save Subscriptions". When you log out (i.e., click "Logout"), you will automatically be directed back to the main page.


Version 1.1.1 – 2010-12-13

See CHANGES.md for details.


  • Klaus Trainer – original author
  • You. Come on!