Simple example of how to read a file line by line in iOS.
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Line by Line File Reader

This is a complete example, see LineByLineFileReader.(h/m), of one way to read a file line by line in iOS, something I couldn't find elsewhere. Reading is done asynchronously so that any interface can remain responsive during the read. As lines are read from the file they are passed to a callback block. It uses the NSStreamDelegate protocol and the NSStream scheduleInRunLoop:forMode: method. The LineByLineFileReader stream:handleEvent: method is called repeatedly from the current run loop. Each time stream:handleEvent: is called it tries to read a buffer's worth of data from the stream. This is converted into a string, appended to any existing data left over from the previous call to stream:handleEvent:, and split into lines. These lines are passed one by one to the callback block. Any partial final line is kept till the next time stream:handleEvent: is called again.

The provided project includes some unit tests for the LineByLineFileReader class.


Licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License. See for details.