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Package for resolving require dependencies from node modules.
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If you want to know what files are required from node module or just simple file, their absolute file pahts, their package names and another metadata from package.json`s just make:

npm install gimme-deps


gimme-deps 'path to some file or module', (err, info) ->
    # processing info data

And thats it, no wrapping, no bundling only required modules and their metadata. You can process them as you want - bundle, wrapp, analize e.t.c.

info structure

  • info.files - flat structure of all files that were resolved from module and from it's dependencies.
info.files = [
    # file 
      path: <path to module file (relative to current path)>
      callee: <how this file was required from the module sources>
  • info.module - returns module name
  • info.main_file - absolute path to module main file
  • info.module_path - absolute path to module folder
  • info.package_json - module package.json object

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