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Herring - a better Fishy for Android

Game engine made from ground up using Android canvas

First attempt at an Android game with homemade game model and renderers

Try it in the Play store:

(From the Play store description)
Herring is not just any aquarium game. You play a little fish who has decided to challenge nature and eat its way to the very top of the food chain. This little fishy is hungry to grow, and won't mind taking on the big fish to be the best of the best. So get ready to eat, grow, and survive, because in Herring, there's always a bigger fish in the sea! Ever wanted to conquer the ocean with eat your way to the top of the food chain? Enjoy this relaxing, easy to play single-player game with multiple difficulty settings and tap/joystick input methods.

Features: ★ Completely FREE ★ Single-player action with classic eat-em-up game play ★ Three difficulty modes: easy, medium, and hard with their own score multipliers ★ Two distinct control methods: tap to move and joystick (left and right handed) ★ Supports right/left handed controls ★ Seven types of enemies with unique attributes

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