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diffnow-cli is a shell utility that enables you to compare files on DiffNow from the command line.

Three output modes are supported:

  • diffnow file1 file2 outputs a short url to an online diff report hosted on for one week.
  • diffnow -o output file1 file2 downloads an HTML diff report to output.
  • diffnow -b browser file1 file2 downloads an HTML diff report to a temporary location and opens it with the specified browser.

Using diffnow-cli with git

I've added the following lines to my global .gitconfig file:

	tool = diffnow
[difftool "diffnow"]
	cmd = diffnow -b chromium $LOCAL $REMOTE
	prompt = false

Now I can compare a file to its previous version by running:

git difftool --gui <file>
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