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@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@
ruby 1.8.7
+mysql server
1. Clone and run Hydra-Jetty
git clone git://
@@ -16,7 +17,6 @@ java -jar start.jar
git clone git://
3. Setup username and password for mysql db and then run
cd Fedora-Example-App
bundle install
rake db:create
@@ -25,5 +25,37 @@ rake db:create
rails c
oh =
+=== How to install Fedora and Solr for use with ActiveFedora ===
+Follow this guide Dont forget to use latest versions of Fedora and Solr
+Most links in that guide are broken, so
+Fedora commons (
+Solr (
+While installing Fedora, you may also check this article (install fedora commons chapter)
+At the last step, where you need to copy
+cp [PATH TO ACTIVE FEDORA CODE]/solr/config/schema.xml $FEDORA_HOME/solr/conf/
+do not use that scheme.
+use attached one. I got it from jetty server - schema.xml
+Do not forget to setup env vars.
+In Linux you may add them to your .bashrc file
+# ActiveFedora
+export FEDORA_HOME=/home/ap/.fedora
+To run server
+To stop
+In Example App from "How to install and run ActiveFedora as soon as possible." to use this configuration, rename fedora_custom.xml to fedora.xml (and double check all configurations in that file)
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