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Defend the ocean with the very trash that threatens it!


Eat garbage by moving over it and shoot it back through your blow hole by pressing spacebar. Be careful! You can only eat one piece of garbage at a time. Any more will hurt you!


  • ARROW KEYS: Movement
  • SPACEBAR: Shoot garbage eaten
  • M: Mute music
  • U: Unmute music
  • ENTER: Exit the game over screens

About this game

This game was a Jam entry for the 32nd edition of the accelerated video game development competition Ludum Dare, occurred last April, 2015.


  • Alex Stommes — Project Lead, Programming
  • Robin Nelson — Programming
  • Corey Gardner — Art, Music, Sound Effects

Development Instructions

Download and extract the packaged project contents, or clone this repository locally. Either way, the following npm scripts are available to you, performing the tasks described below.

npm install   # Installs all required project dependencies.
npm start     # Launch a development server. Same as `gulp dev`.
npm run dist  # Prepare the game release for distribution. Also `gulp dist`.
npm run clean # Delete temporary and distribution build files.

Also, you may want to install Gulp and Bower globally, but you are not required to do so.


Source code distributed under the terms of the MIT License.