TranslaTale - An Undertale translation helper!
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TranslaTale - An Undertale translation helper!

This little tool is aimed to translators and modders.

Compiling TranslaTale

TranslaTale has been developed using VisualBasic.NET (MSVS2013 for Desktop)

You can get VB.NET Express 2013 from here:


  • Text animation
  • A Preview for in-battle texts
  • Version Control and backup
  • A DIFF viewer for versioned files
  • Speeding up file loading
  • Loading screen
  • Displaying recent projects

If you have an unaddressed issue, feel free to submit it here:

==================== Thanks to Carlo Refice for contributing with a good bunch of features, and some bugfixes!

==================== Thanks to FJay69 for your great UndertaleTools toolkit. You rocks, man!

==================== Thanks to Mika Attila, for providing an incredible tool like GMKTool (previous version)

==================== Thanks to ChrisBlue, developer of the UTSpriteFontBox library!