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lesson 1 (already on youtube)
C-x C-s
C-x C-f
C-x C-c
lesson 2: (working on script)
C-x C-f
Should there be a "here's why you should think emacs is awesome" video
where I try to just show off? I should toy with how to do it. When
people watch emacs being used in person it's very impressive, but
translating that into a video is hard.
stuff from old lesson plan:
Write file (C-x C-w)
Lesson 3:
I-search (C-s)
Query replace (M-%)
Twiddle (C-t and M-t)
Capitalize first letter (M-c)
Upercase entire word (M-u)
Lowercase entire word (M-l)
Page down & up (C-v and M-v)
Jump to start of file (M-<)
Jump to end of file (M->)
Introduce M-x
Goto line (M-g M-g and M-x goto-line)
Ispell (M-$, M-x ispell and M-x ispell-buffer)
Format current paragraph (M-q)
Auto fill mode (M-x auto-fill-mode)
Lesson 4:
Marks & commands that leave marks behind
Add mark at cursor (C-Space)
Pop mark (C-u C-Space)
Switch cursor and last mark (C-x C-x)
Tab region (C-M-\)
Copy region from mark to cursor (M-w)
Cut region from mark to cursor (C-w)
Lesson 5:
Next character (C-f)
Last character (C-b)
Next line (C-n)
Previous line (C-p)
Next word (M-f)
Last word (M-b)
Delete character (C-d)
Delete word (M-d)
Start of line (C-a)
End of line (C-e)
Add newline at cursor (C-j or C-m)
Add newline after cursor (C-o)
Command multiplier (C-u)
Lesson 6:
Switch buffer (C-x b)
List buffers (C-x C-b)
Kill buffer (C-x k)
Split screen (C-x 0, C-x 1, C-x 2, C-x 3)
Switch screens (C-x o)
Step through buffers (C-x C-left, C-x C-left)
Lesson 7:
Customization (primarily .emacs)
Keyboard macros (C-x (, C-x ))
Programs in emacs (M-x calc, M-x butterfly and others)
Commands that need to be worked in somewhere
Help (C-h)
Man (C-x man)
Insert file (C-x i)
Save buffers (C-x s)