Tools tohelp when building Amazon Echo skills and tools.
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Logo Resources

Alexa Tools

What Is This Repository For

The aim of this repository is to make available tools that will aid in the creation of Amazon Echo Skills and the creatin of 3rd party tools.

Image Resources

The resources folder contains files that will aid in the creation of images for skills.

Currently this contains the following:

  • Alexa Logo.psd - PSD file that helps demonstrate how a skill logo will appear on the store.


Contained within the intents folder is a PHP and JSON file, each contains each intent that is included in the standard Alexa Skills Kit. The JSON file has simple been created using the json_encode() function of PHP.

I hope this will save time for those who are building tools to help creators create their intent schems.

At present this does not include the available built in slots.

The following is the todo list for the project.

  • Include every slot available and position these within the relevant intents.
  • Review the format of the JSON to ensure that it is optimal and fit for purpose.


Any scripts contained within this repo are released under GPL3. Feel free to use any of these in your own projects. In the event you add features I would appreciate a pull request if the enhancement is in line with the aim of the repo.