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Windows Games Launcher for FreeBSD
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Inspired by lutris, i would like to provide a game launcher to play windows games on FreeBSD.

Description 📘

Install your favorite windows games & launcher easily!


Dependencies 💉

States 🔥

This list will be refreshed on every update of i386-wine-devel

Application Works?
Steam Uses winxp with an older steam client to get some online features. (Doesn't affect performance)
Blizzard Runs out of the box.
Origin Uses winxp with an older origin client. The modern client is currently one issue away to use it. (Doesn't affect performance)
Uplay Runs out of the box, but crashes to often.
Teamspeak Runs out of the box.
Clone Hero Runs out of the box.
Drakensang Online Runs out of the box, but fails with AMD cards.
Anarchy Online Runs out of the box, but fails with AMD cards.
itch Runs out of the box.
GOG Galaxy Runs out of the box.
League of Legends Crashes at starting the game client.
Wargaming Game Center Crashes directly 10 seconds after the start and even if the launcher should work a desired game may not work. The test game World of Tanks became a zombie directly.
Growtopia Runs out of the box.

If you want a special game or launcher then create an issue :)

Tweaks 🔧

Your game dont run in the first time? Tweaks are here


  • Only 32-Bit Games and Applications working currently.
  • No vulkan support on amd64 with 32bit.
  • Kwin is bad for gaming on freebsd in some situations.

Things that are currently just out of the question 🐇

Installation/Uninstallation 💿

This script is designed for FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE. All other versions are not supported!

Use the setup to install Homura correctly

curl -O && bash

To start this script use the shortcut in the startmenu or use bash /home/$USER/.local/share/Homura/

To uninstall that script open the again and select Uninstall Homura.

Release cycle 📢

New features gets releasd in a week or in 5 days. If an existing feature needs a fix then I will release that ASAP.

If you are new to freebsd 😉

  • Your microphone is muted by default. If you want to use Teamspeak, open Alsamixer in the terminal and raise the volume of the microphone.

Contribute ✏️

if you want to contribute to this repo then take a look here

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