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ATokens API

This project provides a PHP wrapper to the ATokens OAuth API. The API allows you (the Consumer) to perform a number of operations, including credit transfers, on behalf of an ATokens user in a secure fashion.

It is recommended that developers intending to use the API have a passing familiarity with OAuth ( http://oauth.net/ ), although it is not necessary in order to use the wrapper.


The API generally follows the OAuth terminology, the following terms will be useful in understanding this document:

  • Service Provider
In this case, the Service Provider is ATokens.
  • Consumer
The Consumer is the web service accessing the Service Provider on behalf of the User. In this case, the Consumer is probably you.
  • User
The User is the account on whose behalf the Consumer is operating.


Simply include AtokensOAuth.php and OAuth.php in your project. You may optionally want to include the examples such as cointoss.php for reference. The Curl PHP extension is required, and the json_decode function must be available (PHP 5.2 onwards natively).

Quick start


ATokens uses an HTTP API with JSON returns, authorized by OAuth 1.0A. The AtokensOAuth.php library provides a wrapper over this, making integration reasonably straightforward without requiring excessive understanding of OAuth.

The API allows the application to act on behalf of a user. This is known as “3-legged auth”, in which the User asks the Consumer (application) to access ATokens and perform some action(s).

Accessible methods

For a list of accessible methods, see the class AtokensClient in AtokensOAuth.php and examples in cointoss.php.


If you have any questions regarding the API at the moment, please contact Richard Clark <richard@redspider.co.nz>