Gateway prototype for transmitting messages between parts of distributed systems
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My experiments with Django and JSON. 
This is a Django application, working as a gateway between parts of distributed system (DS). 

System description:

There are processes of two types: "data processor" and "data generator" in DS. Data generators can generate data much faster, than any processor could process this data. As a result, the number of processors in the system will be larger in most cases.

Data processors will be installed on computers, which do not have a direct access _from_ Internet (do not have a dedicated IP, etc).

It should be possible to add (or remove) data processor instances "on the fly".

It is not possible to establish permanent connections between the parts of the system.

Tasks are "atomic" - processor does not need to know any previous or future tasks contents to process the data.


Gateway (this application) should solve the following problems:
 - Provide a single access point for data generators and processors (There should be more than one gateway, because it is a potential point of failure)
 - Decouple data processors from data generators as much as possible. 
 - Dispatch messages between data processors, so any number of processors could work at any given point of time.


Project is discontinued, because RabbitMQ serves all of my needs much better.