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Evalutaion software for the 2017 RoboCup Multi Team Communicatin Challenge
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Multi Team Communication Evaluation

This software will be used at this year's Technical Challenge Multi Team Communication


None of this software is necessary to compete in the Technical Challenge. It is only the evaluation software which you can use to test your system. It is also the reference system for deciding if the messages were properly sent. If you find any bugs or encounter problems with the Protobuf messaging, please contact the TC.


You need the ER-Force Framework in order to run this evaluation software. Please refer to the file for compilation instructions.

Compile and start ra. Click on the button "Strategy disabled" in the color of your robots and choose the file mixed-team-evaluation/init.lua of this repository

You can select evaluators for the different tasks in the dropdown-menu in bottom left corner.

The check-boxes in the "visualizations" widget to the right allow to highlight the mixed-team messages graphically.


Message Forwarding

In order to use the software as messaging forwarder in the way it will be done at RoboCup 2017, click on "Configuration" and enter the Slave Team's IP under Mixed Team. Ra listens on port 10012 for incoming messages of the Master Team.


mixed-team-test/init.lua can be used like the evaluation script and sends an example team plan, not corresponding to any task of the challenge. You can use it to test basic functionality.

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