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MACI Research

MACI is a framework for the management, scalable execution, and analysis of a large number of network experiments. You can find more information at the offical page.

Be careful when running MACI, otherwise you will provide remote code execution as a service for your network.

Installation and Startup




to install all required dependencies.



to start MACI. If you experience problems, it sometimes helps to run the script as root, e.g., with

sudo ./
sudo ./

Manual Installation

We do not provide an install script for Windows. You might want to manually execute the steps of the script. In general, having dotnet core 2.0 should be sufficient for the backend.

Getting Started

MACI is self-explaining and provides a web interface at http://<SERVER_IP>:63658 (e.g., http://localhost:63658). Check the web interface for more information.


We are happy for all kind of contributions, including bug fixes and additional features.


Design and Concepts: @AlexanderFroemmgen, @a10r, @dstohr

Implementation: @AlexanderFroemmgen, @a10r, @max-weller

Fixes and Minor Features: @RolandKluge, @ckleemann, @Nikolasel, @martinpfannemueller, @dstohr, @rhaban, @IstEchtSo