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Plugin for integrate []( into Unity
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Chirp Unity Plugin

Plugin for integrate data over sound SDK into Unity project. Support iOS and Android projects. For more information see Chirp documentation.


For setup plugin you will need to

  • Import UnityChirpIOPlugin.unitypackage(download) into your Unity project.
  • Sign up at and download the latest Android and iOS SDK from downloads.
  • Copy the chirpsdk-release.aar file into the ChirpIO/Plugins/Android folder of the Unity project.
  • Copy the ChirpConnect.framework file into the ChirpIO/Plugins/iOS folder of the Unity project.
  • Copy your app key, secret and config into TestPlugin script fields on ChirpGO game object in ChirpIOExampleScene scene.


For Android build you will need to

  • Set Minimum API Level to level 19 or higher

For iOS build you will need to

  • Go Edit\Project Settings\Audio check Disable Unity Audio. Cause Deactivating an audio session that has running I/O issue.
  • Go iOS Player Settings and define Microphone Usage Description.
  • In XCode project set Enable Bitcode: NO.
  • Replace @import AudioToolbox; @import Foundation; to #import "AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h" #import "Foundation/Foundation.h" in ChirpConnect.h file inside ChirpConnect.framework.


At moment plugin allow send and receive string data over sound, see example scene. This plugin not full implement SDK features. If you need more features, you can create issue, also feel free to contribute.


ChirpPlugin is static class for work with ChirpSDK.


Method for initialize SDK with given key, secret and config.

    ChirpPlugin.InitSDK(string key, string secret, string config)

Method for start SDK work.


Method for stop SDK work.


Method for send given string data.

    ChirpPlugin.SendData(string payload)


Current SDK state property.

   ChirpStateEnum ChirpPlugin.ChirpState


Action delegate for state change handling.

  Action<ChirpStateEnum, ChirpStateEnum> ChirpPlugin.OnChangeStateDataEvent

Action delegate for receive data handling. Data in HEX string format!

  Action<string> ChirpPlugin.OnRecieveDataEvent

Action delegate for sent data handling. Data in HEX string format!

   Action<string> ChirpPlugin.OnSentDataEvent


For testing data receiving you can use Chirp Audio API. Use your developer key and secret for auth. Send Hello world! by standart protocol.

Build from sources

Plugin source code for iOS it's just Objective-C++ files in Plugins folder, you don't need to build it.

Plugin source code for Android it's Gradle project.For a correct build you must place chirpsdk-release.aar to unitychirpio/libs and build unitychirpio module by Gradle.

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