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Script to upload a bunch of products to Shopify based on a folder structure, images and text files.
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This is a CLI app to upload a batch of products to a Shopify store based on a folder structure, image and text files.


$ git clone
$ cd shopify-product-uploader
$ yarn install


Create a .env file in the root directory of the cloned repository that looks like this with your shops credentials.


Just run yarn start [directory] inside the downloaded directory.

Every product needs to be inside its own folder where the folder name sets the products name. Images inside of the folder are uploaded as product photos.

A .rtf file is used for the description, formatting will be kept.

Filenames are not important everything is determined based on file extension.

Directory to start in
├── Product 1
|     ├── image1.png
|     ├── image2.jpg
|     ├── details.json
|     └── description.rtf
└── Product 2
      ├── image1.png
      ├── image2.jpg
      ├── details.json
      └── description.rtf
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