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Sophisticated LaTeX Thesis Template


During their studies most students will be faced to the decision whether to use LaTeX or an other word processor to write a thesis. Since there are a number of strong reasons to use the former the next step is to start writing a LaTeX document.

Sooner or later the student will face issues or implements features that are very common while writing a thesis in LaTeX. This is why several instructions and even more tips are available in the Internet about writing Theses using LaTeX.

Altought one can find many minimal examples and multiple small templates, there is no sophisticated community maintained template available that demonstrates all useful features. This project aims to fill this gap by providing a complex but stil easy to understand template. It should contain all neccessary and nice to have features someone might need writing a thesis.

So please checkout the template, test it, spread the word, and contribute.

Main Features

  • PDF support: hyperlinks, ToC, annotations, meta-data
  • Language support: UTF8 encoding, support for CJK and German
  • Integration: buildbot test script, TeXlipse project file, graphviz, gnuplot, R
  • Build file: clean, compile, image generation, validation
  • Validation: orthography (incl. project dictionary), hyphens, commas, references, todos, best practices, l2tabu, latex/bibtex warnings
  • Title: left aligned and centered layout, include a logo
  • Affidavit, Dedication, Abstract (multi lingual), Acknowledgements
  • Tables: ToC, Figures, Tables, Algorithms, Abbreviations, Symbols
  • Chapter: ToC for each chapter
  • Media: examples for images, multiple images, equations, tables, algorithms
  • Appendix: tests for different auto generated tables
  • Bibliography: multiple files, link to the source page, show unreferenced items
  • Index: includes sub items
  • Other: side notes, line numbering