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An easy Lightbox with jQuery (can be used to a grid with <img> or with background-image style)
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WS-LiSli | A LightBox Slider Plugin | Alexandre Buleté

WS-LiSli jQuery Plugin for display a Lightbox-Slider in your projects

This Plugin can be used with a list including images or directly on the li style "background-image".

Screenshot of the Lightbox Display

Screenshot Presentation

You have some options for customize this lightbox slider :

  • enable : Array. (accepts values 'arrows' and 'close')
  • buttons : Object. Change your button style (size, style, colr, color_icon, border_width, border_color, opacity, hover_opacity)
  • arrows : Object. Change arrows style (position, style, icon_style, icon_size, opacity, hover_effect, hover_opacity)
  • background : Object. (filter, opacity)
  • image : Object (border_radius, border_color, border_width, bg).
  • display_velocity : Change display velocity (accepts 'low', 'normal', 'fast' and decimal values).
  • slide_velocity : Change slide velocity (accepts 'low', 'normal', 'fast' and decimal values).
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