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Just a video editing Domain Specific Language
Xtend Java
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Java CI

A Domain Specific Language to generate videos based on video libraries and some math.

It is inspired by and video editing DSL.

This project has two main goals:

  • provide a cool playground for DSL and model oriented software and how to tackle technical stuff,
  • produce dumb content and crappy videos.

Main difference is that this project doesn't aim to produce regular video editing but to provide a fun way to generate random sequences at every run.

The language is there to construct a set of inputs to guide the stochastic decisions: total duration of the output clip, number of cuts, type of transition etc.

Backend video editing is based on ffmpeg and a java wrapper. For now all the magic happens in fr.ytpdsl.parent/fr.ytpdsl/


A cool DSL, lame videos and bad algorithm for bad editing.

Grammar based DSL with no concrete internal structure yet, using a Java ffmpeg wrapper as a backend.


The grammar is moving with the development of new features, some part are from the original project or here as draft of upcoming or test features.

Xtext grammar


  • standalone version, i.e java and maven only, no Eclipse RCP to build and use,
  • store metadata of linked media to a local db,
  • separate library media from media definiton from a path and a time code+duration,
  • allow custom filter to be written,
  • generic input connector for yt link or remote content,
  • text to speech to add audio track on existing audio&video or in place of audio
  • media analysis such as audio bpm, srt NLP

and so much more, from better input (besides DSL) to better output (direct uploading to host server).


This is a toy project, nothing big but if you have feedbacks open an issue or ping on twitter or even by email (details on my website).

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