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Module: Idle Inhibitor

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The idle_inhibitor module can inhibiting the idle behavior such as screen blanking, locking, and screensaving, also known as "presentation mode".


Addressed by idle_inhibitor

option typeof default description
format string {status} The format, how the state should be displayed.
format-icons array Based on the current state, the corresponding icon gets selected.
rotate integer Positive value to rotate the text label.
max-length integer The maximum length in character the module should display.
on-click string Command to execute when clicked on the module. A click also toggles the state
on-click-right string Command to execute when you right clicked on the module.
on-scroll-up string Command to execute when scrolling up on the module.
on-scroll-down string Command to execute when scrolling down on the module.
smooth-scrolling-threshold double Threshold to be used when scrolling.
tooltip bool true Option to disable tooltip on hover.

Format replacements:

string replacement
{status} status (activated or deactivated)
{icon} Icon, as defined in format-icons.


    "idle_inhibitor": {
        "format": "{icon}",
        "format-icons": {
            "activated": "",
            "deactivated": ""
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