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Tools to explore Kodak DCS cameras

This project contain the sources of all te tools produced as a result of my explorations of Kodak's DCS cameras: their internals, firmware, sensors, remaps, profile extraction etc. Quite a few of the tools are in aid of reverse engineering the firmwares and others are the results of those explorations.

I have mostly concentrated on Kodak ProBack 645M/C/H and SLRs Kodak DCS 14n, SLR/n, SLR/c models but a few of the tools are generic enough and may be applicable to other DCS cameras or standalone.

All software on this site is released free and under GPL license and in hope that it will be useful to other reverse engineers and Kodak camera explorers and users.

The following is the list of topics:

The details of some of these explorations are published here and here (in Russian). The latter link is now dormant - I am not involved there any longer.