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This tool finds unreferenced assets by scanning all files in your Unity project.


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Dependencies Hunter Unity3D Tool unity

stability-stable License: MIT Maintenance

This tool finds and/or deletes unreferenced assets in Unity project.

All code combined into one script for easier portability. So you can just copy-paste DependenciesHunter.cs to your project in any Editor folder.

How it works

At first, it calls


to form a map of all assets.

Then it uses:


to find dependencies for each of those assets. As a result dependencies map is formed.

Then it simply finds all assets which are not presented as a dependency within this map. Such assets considered as unused if they aren't marked as to be ignored in this analysis (by a list of RegExp patterns).


To enable addressables usage uncomment the first line.


Ways of usage

The tool has two ways to use it. Each has a menu option, and an editor window.

To list all unused assets in your project.. on "Tools/Dependencies Hunter" option which will open the "AllProjectAssetsReferencesWindow" window.

To then delete the assets you filtered on "Tools/Dependencies Hunter" and then click on Delete Unused Assets


To list all references towards selected assets.. the assets and use a context menu option "Find References in Project". It will open the "SelectedAssetsReferencesWindow" window with the results.

Context Menu Result Window
plot plot


In the Analysis Settings foldout you can set files to be ignored by providing a list of RegExp patterns. You can also uncheck the 'Show Unreferenced Assets Only' toggle to view the list of all your project assets with their references number, files sizes etc.

Analysis Settings Listing all Assets
plot plot


  1. Through Unity's Package Manager. Use this as git url: UPM support added via template.
  2. Or you can just copy and paste file DependenciesHunter.cs inside Editor folder


Feel free to report bugs, request new features or to contribute to this project!

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This tool finds unreferenced assets by scanning all files in your Unity project.