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A collaborative blog about tech topics (mostly) by HN readers.
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HN Collaborative Tech News


If you haven't read it yet, I think it's a good start to read the Hacker News thread where all began.


Ok so we can talk on freenode IRC servers, #hncollaborative.

How it works

Basically we'll run the blog through Hyde/Jekyll. So it'll be easy for everyone to submit new articles, review them and fix them. An important thing is that the process of publishing articles is peer reviewed: the goal is to publish high quality posts. Everybody is welcome to say what he thinks about an article, and if when we have a consensus on a post we'll be ready to publish it.

Technical details

Why a static blog generator and not a Wordpress/Django/Rails/whatever? The goal of this blog is too be used by hackers, and it should be simple to submit articles. So what's simpler than writing posts in plain text (well Markdown) & submit a pull request?

I think it'll be hosted on Github page (if it allows custom domain name for free users otherwise there is plenty of good options out there to host a static website for free, Appengine for instance).

How to help now (while the site isn't launched)

Well there are many ways to help for now:

  • giving feedback about the idea (join us on IRC or submit an issue)
  • I saw some people are willing to help by making a design for the website, maybe you should submit an issue for this to discuss it
  • spread the word, if you know someone who may want to help/join us talk to him/her about the project

How to help once the project will be launched

  • submit articles
  • review other articles
  • spread the word
  • upvote/comment articles on HN if you think they are good


Do you think we should create a G+ page while the blog isn't launched to allow us to keep in touch?

A reader prawn suggested that we setup AdSense ads on the website, I don't think that's a good idea, the goal of this blog isn't to earn money, but I'm open to the discussion.

Moreover I think we should release the content under a free license (BSD?).

This repo is temporary, and will probably move it's own account when we'll have a name. Which brings me to the last point, we don't have a name yet so if you have any good ideas.


For now I see one big pitfall that we should be aware of: everebody will submit articles at the begining and nobody after. So when we'll launched the project we'll probably not publish all articles in one shot (the goal is to have a constant amount of article published).


If you have question just open an issue! If you think something is important, open as issue too!

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