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A collection of exploits and documentation that can be used to exploit the Linux Dirty Pipe vulnerability.

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Dirty Pipe


A collection of exploits and documentation for penetration testers and red teamers that can be used to aid the exploitation of the Linux Dirty Pipe vulnerability.

About The Vulnerability

  • Dirty Pipe (CVE-2022-0847) is a local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could potentially allow an unprivileged user to do the following:
    • Modify/overwrite arbitrary read-only files like /etc/passwd.
    • Obtain an elevated shell.

Affected versions

DirtyPipe Vulnerability Scanner

Compiling the exploit

  • An automated compiler bash script has been provided to you to automate the compilation of both exploits.
  • In order to compile the exploit succesfully, you will need to have GCC installed.
sudo apt-get install gcc
  • After installing GCC, you can run the '" script as follows:
chmod +x

Exploit-1 - Modifying/overwriting read only files

  • This repo contains 2 exploits, the 'exploit-1.c' exploit can be used to modify or overwrite arbitrary read only files.
  • This exploit is a proof of concept that was developed by Max Kellermann and has been modified to change the root password in the /etc/passwd file, consequently providing you with access to an elevated shell.

Running the exploit binary

  • The exploit code has already been configured to replace the root password with the password "piped" and will take a backup of the /etc/passwd file under /tmp/passwd.bak. Furthermore, the exploit will also provide you with an elevated root shell and will restore the original passwd file when done.

Exploit-2 - Hijacking SUID binaries

  • This exploit can be used to inject and overwrite data in read-only SUID process memory that run as root.

Finding SUID binaries

find / -perm -4000 2>/dev/null

Running the exploit binary

./exploit-2 /usr/bin/sudo

Important Note

  • I do not claim credit/ownership/disclosure of the vulnerability and all corresponding exploits hosted in this GitHub repo.
  • All the credit goes to the awesome Max Kellerman, you can check out the official disclosure here:



A collection of exploits and documentation that can be used to exploit the Linux Dirty Pipe vulnerability.






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