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EDOPro Booster Packs

This program is an extension of EDOPro (requiring it to run) that simulates the Yu-Gi-Oh!'s booster packs opening. After close the program, you can check the drops into Booster Packs deck in your game.

Available Booster Packs:

  • TCG:
    • Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon;
    • Lightning Overdrive.
  • Duel Links:
    • Eternal Stream.

⚠️ The drops are not yet properly adjusted. For now, it follows the format of one rarity per pack. Secret Rare and other rarities were considered Ultra Rares.

Setup ⚙️:

  • Download the exe or py (python 3 and pygame 2 required);
  • Drop into your EDOPro folder;
  • Double click it.
  • Download and drop pics folder into your game to booster pack's cover and Duel Links rarity label;
  • For HD cards, you can use my EDOPro HD Pics Downloader.

Controls 🕹️:

Selection Screen:

  • LMB to select a pack.

Unpack Screen:

  • If pack not open:
    • LMB or RMB to open.
  • If open:
    • Cursor over card:
      • LMB to get the next one;
      • RMB to get the previous one;
      • Over card effect:
        • MMB (over card effect) to get to Detail Screen.
    • Outside card:
      • LMB to open a new pack;
      • RMB to go back to Selection Screen.
    • ESC key to go back to Selection Screen.

Detail Screen:

  • Any mouse button to go back to Unpack Screen.

Help me 🙏🏻:

  • Donation always helps: Donate
  • You can report bugs and suggest changes by opening a Issue.
  • The information about Booster Packs continues, for now, being collected manually. You can help me by sending a .txt like this sample.

Gallery 🖼️

Selection Screen:

Unpack Screen:

Detail Screen:

Without texture:


Booster Packs opening simulator.