Multiplatform CHIP-8 and Super-CHIP emulator
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Multiplatform CHIP-8 and Super-CHIP emulator.

Download the latest release:

frontend-1 frontend-2 frontend-3


  • Portable emulator core (chip8.h, chip8.c) written in standard C99.
  • Cross-platform (Windows XP+/Linux) frontend based on SDL2 and ImGui.
  • ROMs can be passed as an argument or dropped to the window.
  • Native file selection dialog (only available on Windows).
  • Configurable CPU clock rate, 840Hz by default.
  • Configurable color palette.
  • Compatibility settings.


Some games require special settings to run properly, you need to change the options before loading the game to take effect.

Known games that require the Compatibility Mode enabled:

  • Animal Race [Brian Astle].ch8

Known games that require the Vertical Wrap disabled:

  • Blitz [David Winter].ch8
  • Mines! - The minehunter [David Winter, 1997].ch8

There are some other weird quirks not considered because they also differ between original interpreters and no known game depends on them. These are well documented here.


Required dependencies are ImGui, SDL2, OpenGL.

How to build on Windows

  1. Install git and clone this repository.
  2. Install the TDM64-GCC (64-bit) or TDM-GCC (32-bit) compiler suite. Be sure you check Add to PATH during installation.
  3. Download SDL 2.0.5 libraries for MinGW and extract them to chip8swemu/frontend/libraries/SDL2-2.0.5/...
  4. Download ImGui 1.52 source code and extract it to chip8swemu/frontend/libraries/imgui-1.52/...
  5. Open a command prompt in chip8swemu/frontend/ and type: mingw32-make.

How to build on Linux (Ubuntu)

  1. Install git: sudo apt-get install git
  2. Clone this repository: git clone
  3. Install SDL2 development libraries: sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev
  4. Download ImGui 1.52 source code and extract it to chip8swemu/frontend/libraries/imgui-1.52/...
  5. Open a terminal in chip8swemu/frontend/ and type: make.


Useful resources and documentation for developing a CHIP-8 emulator: