A Parsedown Extra package for Laravel 5
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Parsedown Extra for Laravel

A Parsedown Extra package for Laravel 5.3.x

Build Status Latest Stable Version Latest Unstable Version License

Compatibility table

Laravel parsedown-extra-laravel
5.1.x 0.3.x
5.2.x 0.4.x
5.3.x 0.5.x

Installation via Composer

  • Open your composer.json file and add the following line in the require object:

Stable version

"alfredo-ramos/parsedown-extra-laravel": "~0.5"

Development version

"alfredo-ramos/parsedown-extra-laravel": "~0.6@dev"
  • Run composer install or composer update on your terminal.

  • Open your config/app.php file and add the following in the providers array:

  • Register the facade in the aliases array (config/app.php file):
'Markdown'  => AlfredoRamos\ParsedownExtra\Facades\ParsedownExtra::class
  • And finally deploy all the files needed on your terminal:
php artisan vendor:publish \
    --provider='AlfredoRamos\ParsedownExtra\ParsedownExtraServiceProvider' \
    --tag=config --force



{!! Markdown::parse("Hello world") !!}
{!! Markdown::parse("[XSS link](javascript:alert('xss'))") !!}

The code above will print:

<p>Hello world</p>

<!-- HTML Purifier enabled -->
<p><a>XSS link</a></p>

<!-- HTML Purifier disabled -->
<p><a href="javascript:alert('xss')">XSS link</a></p>

For a live demo, go to Parsedown Extra Demo.

HTML Purifier

The package mews/purifier is used to filter the HTML output. By default a <KEY> string will be searched in the config/parsedownextra.php file to override HTML Purifier default settings, you can also pass an array.

Using a string

Markdown::parse('Hello world!', ['config' => 'comments'])

Where comments is the key of the array settings in config/parsedownextra.php.

Using an array

Markdown::parse('[DuckDuckGo](https://duckduckgo.com/)', ['config' => [
    'URI.Host' => 'localhost',
    'URI.DisableExternal' => true

For all configuration options see the official HTML Purifier config docs.

Using the default settings

Markdown::parse('Hello world!')
// Is the same as
Markdown::parse('Hello world!', ['config' => 'parsedown'])

You can temporarily disable it by setting the option purifier to false:

Markdown::parse('Text', ['purifier' => false])

HTML Purifier can be disabled permanently in the config/parsedownextra.php file.