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ACA Extension Example

Provides an Angular workspace setup for Alfresco Content Application (ACA) extensions.

Please also refer to the Extensibility documentation.

This project contains:

  • Blank Angular application
  • Simple ACA extension project featuring:
    • Extra application route backed by custom component
    • New side navigation link
  • ADF dependencies (Extensions, Core and Content Services)
  • Scripts to build, package and publish extension libraries

You can create multiple libraries in the same workspace.

See also:

Important: you can also create and test extension libraries as part of the ACA project clone. See: Redistributable libraries article for more details.


Run the following script to build the library

npm run build:my-extension


cd dist/my-extension
npm publish --access=public

Testing with local ACA instance

Build and package the extension library locally without publishing to NPM:

npm run package:my-extension

The script produces the dist/my-extension/my-extension-0.0.1.tgz file that can be used to install dependency.

Switch to the ACA project and run:

npm i <path>/aca-extension-example/dist/my-extension/my-extension-0.0.1.tgz

Update the extensions.module.ts file and append the module:

import { MyExtensionModule } from 'my-extension';

  imports: [
export class AppExtensionsModule {}

Update the app.extensions.json file and register new plugin:

  "$schema": "../../extension.schema.json",
  "$name": "app",
  "$version": "1.0.0",
  "$references": [

Copy dist/assets/my-extension.json to the src/assets/plugins folder.

Run the ACA application

npm start

Depending on the setup, you might need to log in as an administrator and enable external plugins feature for your local run.