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Alfresco Content Services Community Deployment

Contributing guide

Please use this guide to make a contribution to the project.

This project contains the code for starting the entire Alfresco Content Services (Community Edition) product with Docker or Kubernetes.

The master branch of this repository will endeavour to support the following deployments:

For the Enterprise project, go to acs-deployment. The only difference between these projects are:

  • In the Community chart, clustering is not supported, so only a single alfresco-content-repository node is started by default.

Contents of the deployment

Alfresco Content Services Community deployed via docker-compose or Kubernetes contains the following:

  1. Alfresco Repository for Community, with:
    1.1. Alfresco Share Services AMP
    1.2. Alfresco AOS AMP
    1.3. Alfresco vti-bin war - helps with AOS integration
    1.4. Alfresco Google Docs Repo AMP
  2. Alfresco Share, with:
    2.1 Alfresco Google Docks Share AMP
  3. A Postgres DB
  4. Alfresco Search Services (Solr6)

Deployment options

To deploy Alfresco Content Services Community, follow the steps in the acs-deployment project using the links provided.

Note: You'll need to adapt some steps and commands for the Community release. Replace any occurrences of alfresco-content-repository with alfresco-content-repository-community to ensure you're using the Community release. Example commands may need to be changed when cloning the Community project, changing directory, or deploying the Community Helm chart:

Use the steps in this project to customize your deployment:

Other information