Packaging of Docker containers, war file and zip for Alfresco Content Services (Enterprise)
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Alfresco Content Services Enterprise Packaging

This project is producing packaging for Alfresco Content Services Repository Enterprise.

License rights for this program may be obtained from Alfresco Software, Ltd. pursuant to a written agreement and any use of this program without such an agreement is prohibited. and

The SNAPSHOT version of the artifacts is never published.

Contributing guide

Please use this guide to make a contribution to the project.

This produces the docker images for alfresco-content-repository and the distribution zip for the entire Alfresco Content Services product.



  • mvn clean install in the root of the project will build everything.
  • This project is the Enterprise equivalent of the Community Packaging Project. Please ensure that you have the correct agreements in place and access to the Enterprise Maven artifacts.

Docker Alfresco

On official releases, the image is published:

For testing locally:

  1. Go to docker-alfresco folder
  2. Run mvn clean install if you have not done so
  3. Build the docker image: docker build . --tag acr:6.0.tag
  4. Check that the image has been created locally, with your desired name/tag: docker images

Docker Alfresco AWS

We created another ACS image for our AWS deployment. It adds the S3 Connector amp and MariaDB driver to the image. During a release, it will be published on:

For testing locally run:

mvn clean install -Dskiptests -PenterpriseDocker

which will create an image locally named: alfresco/alfresco-content-repository-aws:latest

Docker-compose & Kubernetes

Use the deployment project if you want the sample docker-compose or helm:

Distribution zip

In this folder the distribution zip is built. It contains all the war files, libraries, certificates and settings files you need, to deploy Alfresco Content Services on the supported application servers.

How to