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Alfresco Content Application

Please refer to the public documentation for more details


Name Version
Node.js 18.x
Npm 9.x


ACA ADF ACS Node Angular
4.3 6.4 23.1 18.x 14.x
4.2 6.3 23.1.0-M4 18.x 14.x
4.1 6.2 7.4 18.x 14.x
4.0 6.1 7.4 14.x 14.x
3.1 5.1 7.3
3.0 5.0 7.3

See for more details on Angular and Node.js compatibility


Create an .env file in the project root folder with the following content


Where <URL> is the address of the ACS.

Run the following commands:

npm install
npm start

Unit Tests

Use following command to test the projects:

nx test <project>

Code Coverage

The projects are already configured to produce code coverage reports in console and HTML output.

You can view HTML reports in the ./coverage/<project> folder.

When working with unit testing and code coverage improvement, you can run unit tests in the "live reload" mode:

nx test <project> -- --watch

Upon changing unit tests code, you can track the coverage results either in the console output, or by reloading the HTML report in the browser.