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Docker Repository on Quay

Welcome to Alfresco Docker Base Java


This repository contains the Dockerfile used to create the parent Java image that will be used by Alfresco engineering teams, other internal groups in the organisation, customers and partners to create images as part of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

The architectural decision record can be found here.


DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG and DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG_SHORT_NAME are now calculated from the configuration in etc/

Associative arrays called java_n are defined for each major Java version (ie. 8, 11, 14).

Legacy Oracle Java 8

For legacy Oracle Java 8 builds where the serverjre has been saved in Alfresco's artifact repository, a configuration is needed as follows. It is not expected that anything other than ${java_8[version]} would need changing.

(The keys java_os_arch, java_se_type, version, and java_packaging map to groupId, artifactId, version, and packaging in maven, respectively.)

export -A java_8=(

The checksum will also need adding into the associative array in etc/

OpenJDK Java 11 onwards

For OpenJDK builds from Java 11 onwards, the configuration looks like:

export -A java_11=(

The ${java_n[version]} field is currently 11 as trailing '.0's are dropped in Java's new numbering system.

When a 11.0.1 or other release comes out, ${java_11[version]} should be set to that.

The URL is the one found on The sha256 is assumed to live at this URL with .sha256 appended.

Build-pinning is available on Quay and Docker Hub to ensure an exact build artifact is used.

How to Build


To build a local version of the base java image follow the instructions below

Download JDK

Download any tar.gz of the serverjre or jdk into .. Save the filename in a variable. e.g.

export java_filename='jdk-11_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz'

Build the docker image

Assuming the filename has been saved in the variable $java_filename, build as follows

docker build --build-arg JAVA_PKG="${java_filename}" -t alfresco/alfresco-base-java .


There are two scripts, one to build, and one to release that are simple "for loop" wrapper around the standard Alfresco tools. They assume that these have been pulled into ./docker-tools at build time.


scripts/bin/ requires the following environment variables:

  • registry (mandatory): The hostname (and optional port) of your private registry. e.g. Note: this is available in bamboo by setting registry=${bamboo.docker.registry.address}.
  • namespace (mandatory): The namespace you use in your private registry. e.g. alfresco. Note: this is available in bamboo by setting namespace=${bamboo.docker.registry.namespace}.
  • java_versions (mandatory): Comma separated list of major versions. e.g. 8,11. For each of these (n), there must be a corresponding ${java_n} associative array in etc/
  • suffix (optional, but usual): this is passed to bamboo-build-docker-repo-tools as its suffix variable. It is appended to the docker tag, and is typically something of the form DEPLOY-574 or SNAPSHOT. e.g. suffix=${bamboo.planRepository.branchName}.


scripts/bin/ requires the same variables, with the exception of suffix.

Pulling released images

Builds are available from Docker Hub

docker pull alfresco/alfresco-base-java:8
docker pull alfresco/alfresco-base-java:8u161-oracle-centos-7
docker pull alfresco/alfresco-base-java:8u161-oracle-centos-7-333472fed423

The builds are identical to those stored in the private repo on Quay, (which also supports build-pinning versions).

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull



The image can be used via docker run to run java applications with --read-only set, without any loss of functionality (with the obvious caveat that the application itself does not write to the filesystem).

Parent Image

It is more likely to be used as a parent image in a Dockerfile. For reference, see the documentation on layers, the VOLUME instruction, and best practices with VOLUMEs.

Examples of usage as a parent image

Example from a Dockerfile using a public, parent image in Docker Hub.

FROM alfresco/alfresco-base-java:8

Example from a Dockerfile using a private, parent image in Quay:


See Alfresco Base Tomcat for a concrete example.