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Alfresco Search Deployment

Contents of this repository

a) Alfresco Content Services deployed via docker-compose

  1. Alfresco Repository
  2. Alfresco Share
  3. A Postgres DB
  4. Alfresco Insight Engine ( access is required. Please contact support if you don’t yet have it)
  5. Alfresco Insight Zeppelin ( access is required. Please contact support if you don’t yet have it)

b) Alfresco Search (alfresco-search) helm charts used as a requirement under acs-deployment/helm/alfresco-content-services Chart

❗️ Search Services will be deployed as part of ACS and it is defined as a requirement in ACS helm chart.

Alfresco Search - Helm Chart

Deployment options


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Alfresco Search chart and their default values.

For Alfresco Content Service chart please consult this table.

Parameter Description Default
alfresco-search.type Define the type of Alfresco Search to use. Available options: insight-engine or search-services search-services
alfresco-search.registryPullSecrets This property does not have to be set if alfresco-search.type is not set to insight-engine explicitly as the Docker image in DockerHub is publicly available NONE
alfresco-search.ingress.enabled Enable external access for Alfresco Search Services true
alfresco-search.ingress.basicAuth if alfresco-search.ingress.enabled is true, user needs to provide a base64 encoded htpasswd format user name & password (ex: echo -n "$(htpasswd -nbm solradmin somepassword)" where solradmin is username and somepassword is the password) NONE
alfresco-search.ingress.whitelist_ips if ingress.enabled=true, user can restrict /solr to a list of IP addresses of CIDR notation
alfresco-search.alfresco-insight-zeppelin.enabled Enabled Alfresco Insight Zeppelin (this will work only with InsightEngine image) false

Contributing guide

Please use this guide to make a contribution to the project and information to report any issues.

Other Information