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Tika external parser which wraps the ExifTool command line and maps to Tika IPTC metadata among others.
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- Updated ExiftoolExternalEmbedderTest for JUnit 4

- Added test for number of keywords extracted
- Added ExiftoolImageParser.cleanDuplicateKeywords method
- Updated Tika dependency to 1.6-SNAPSHOT
latest commit c9ffd5e39d
Ray Gauss II rgauss authored


tika-exifool is an Apache Tika external parser which invokes the command line ExifTool and can map the output to specific Tika metadata fields.

An IPTC extractor and mapping to Tika's IPTC metadata is provided.


ExifTool must be installed. You can specify the full path to the command line in org/apache/tika/parser/exiftool/ or org/apache/tika/parser/exiftool/

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