Basic improvement of search engine suggestions through a ranking system
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Server Prototype


Basic improvement of search engine suggestions through a ranking system.

Setup and Operating Instructions

Keyword Server:

To run the C# server, two steps must be taken.

  1. First, the .config file must be modified. The config file will already include an entry similar to the following:
    <add key="IgnoredWordsTxtPath" value="C:\LocalFilePath\IgnoredWords.txt"/>

This must be changed to reference an existing file that contains a number of words separated by new line characters. These words will be ignored while searching for keywords. 2. Run the .exe file in the same folder. A console window will appear indicating that the server is now running and can now be communicated with through a WebSocket.

Currently the server is hardcoded to operate on localhost. To access it using a standard WebSocket the URL ws://localhost:1234/service must be used. This can be easily changed should the need arrise.

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