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Homebrew formulae for troff(1) and man(1)

Whether you love man pages or the Troff typesetting system itself, you've come to the right place.

This is a “tap” for Homebrew, the unofficial package manager for macOS. We'll gauchely assume you know what we're talking about. If not, see brew(1) or their online documentation for more info on getting started.


To grab hold of these formulae, run:

brew tap alhadis/troff

Then install any of them at your leisure:

brew install alhadis/troff/man-db
brew install heirloom-doctools

Note: Some of these formulae are already available from Homebrew's core, but require configuration before use. This tap replaces them with DWIM equivalents, ones which require no PATH-fiddling after installation. A complication of this is that alhadis/troff/ must prefix the formula's name when installed. Others can be installed normally (e.g., heirloom-doctools as illustrated above).

Available formulae

  • awf: The Amazingly Workable Formatter, a partial nroff(1) clone written in Awk.
  • chem: Historic version of chem(1), a preprocessor for chemical diagrams.
  • deroff: Enhanced version of the traditional deroff(1) utility used to remove Roff markup.
  • dformat: Awk-based preprocessor for data formats, taken from CSTR #142.
  • dpic: Reimplementation of gpic(1) targeting LaTeX and web-based formats.
  • heirloom-doctools: Modernised troff geared toward high-quality typesetting.
  • man-db: The implementation of man(1) widely used on Linux.
  • neatroff: Modern reimplementation of Troff with Unicode and bidirectional text support.
  • pikchr: Web-friendly PIC interpreter optimised for SVG output.
  • sqlrpt: Preprocessor for tbl(1) that generates tables from SQLite queries.
  • teqn: Convert TeX equations to Neateqn preprocessor markup.


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