Website for taking personality tests
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Website for five factor model of personality based on work from IPIP-NEO-PI.

Tests and evaluation is gathered from

See it live @

Written in nodejs using the next.js and micro framework



Download and install nodejs and git

The results are saved to a mongodb database, so for a full test you either need a running mongodb or an instance at mlab

git clone
cd bigfive-web
npm install
vim config.js # Edit config
npm run dev

Open web-browser at http://localhost:3000

Deploy using Now

At the moment bigfive-web is only compatible with Now v1.

Follow this step by step guide

Deploy using Docker

Install Docker

$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name bigfive-web alheimsins/bigfive-web

This will spin up a docker container and the test will be accessible at http://localhost:3000


Help wanted

If you want to help by translating the items to other languages this is how you do it.




Created by zrrzzt and maccyber with ❤ for Alheimsins