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About OHAttributedLabel

About these classes

OHAttributedLabel is a subclass of UILabel that can display NSAttributedStrings. You can use it to display styled text with mixed fonts, color, size, etc....

Note: It has been developed prior iOS6 added support to NSAttributedStrings in UILabel, and can still be used to add compatibility with pre-iOS6 to your applications and more customized stuff like custom links.

It also contains a category to greatly facilitate the creation and modification of NSAttributedString attributes (font, size, line spacing, indentation…)

See the dedicated About page for a presentation of what OHAttributedLabel and the NSAttributedString+Attributes category can do.

How to use

Using OHAttributedLabel is very simple: simply add the project to your workspace and link against the library libOHAttributedLabel.a automatically built by the project.

For more details, see the dedicated "How To Use" page.

ChangeLog — Revisions History

The ChangeLog is maintained as a wiki page accessible here.

Projects that use this class

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the projects that use this class (for those who told me about it) Feel free to contact me if you use this class so we can cross-reference our projects and quote your app in this dedicated wiki page!