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This wiki is dedicated to the Aliapur's community focused on Open Recovery of end-of-life tyres

Objectives of this platform

  • To be a state of the art for the recycling of used tyres
  • To inspire new products and uses that would give used tyres a second life
  • To be open source

Aliapur's Starter Kit

Aliapur has developed a Beta version of its Starter Kit to prototype objects by molding them. The aim is to provide the curious makers with samples of raw recycled materials, so that can create their first objects and imagine new possibilities !

The materials have very interesting characteristics :

  • It can be permeable or impermeable, it depends of the size of the granulate and of the quantity of binder. It does not pollute the water passing through.
  • It absorbs shocks and limits vibrations
  • It is anti-skid
  • It is rot-proof

=> Find more about the kit

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What is Aliapur ?

Aliapur is the leader company in the field of recovering end-of-life tyres in France. It is a Public Limited Company whose founding members are Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop Goodyear, Kléber, Michelin and Pirelli.