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This repo contains the the frontend website code, the backend server code, as well as the hardware (PCB) and firmware of the GranolaPods modular Unity system.


GranolaPods is an automated trail mix making machine that creates a custom snack based on your personalized macronutrient requirements. Coding and algorithms take your health requirements into account and select ingredients to suit your needs. The end product is a GranolaPod (granola treat with a personality!) served in a convenient and resealable package, perfect for health conscious, on-the-go individuals.

The Unity Module is an I2C-based modular control board for the GranolaPods smart trail-mix making machine. Why the name "Unity"? The board and code is designed to be modular - all devices in the GranolaPods system (e.g. the Gantry Cart, the Dispensers, and any future devices such as mixers or binders) all united on the same bus and using the same PCB and code.

This was developed for University of Waterloo Mechatronics FYDP Team #26.

How it works

The front end and server are both run locally on a Raspberry Pi. In the GranolaPods system we are using a 7" touchscreen that will display the user interface via a web browser. Submitting a request will generate an HTTP POST, and pass values to the python backend. The backend running on the Pi will sequentially coordinate the Unity modules down the chain to create the snack. Communication between the Pi master and n Unity slaves are done with i2c.

The Unity modules are powered by an ATmega328P. Programming is done through the Arduino IDE via ICSP pins.

Want to see it in action?

To see how the GranolaPods system was envisioned to work check out this video. Unfortunatly due to time constraints we had to reduce the scope and remove the mixing and binding steps and make trail mix rather than granola bars.

For a demonstration of the Unity system you can check out this video.

Want to (attempt to) run it?

To run the server, simply run python ./server/, then navigate to localhost.

Currently the system will crash if a GranolaPod is requested with no Unity boards attached. It would probably crash even more spectacularly if you tried running it on something other than a Raspberry Pi.


Front End, Server, Unity Module Code and PCB for GranolaPods FYDP Project






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