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🐳A tool to help you containerize application in seconds
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Derrick is a tool to help you dockerizing application in seconds. Derrick focus on the developer's workflow in local development environment. Derrick will inspect your workspace and generate Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, Jenkinsfile, etc. You can simply use Derrick to set up your DevOps process in container way smoothly.

Using Derrick is very simple:

  1. derrick init to dockerize your application based on Derrick.
  2. derrick up to build your application to a Docker image and run in local.
  3. Use your favorite text editor to modify the Dockerfile or some others and run your application in local.
  4. Integrate into your workflow and have fun.

Language Support


Framework and Build tool Support

Here is the list of frameworks passed the tests.If you want more frameworks or can not dockerize application,please submit a issue.

  • Java (maven)
    • springcloud
    • springboot
  • PHP (composer)
    • Laravel
    • Lumen
    • ThinkPHP
    • Symfony
  • PYTHON (pip or setup)
    • flask
    • Django
  • Golang (tools by vendor)
    • Gin
    • Beego
  • NodeJs (npm)
    • Express
    • Sails



Docker(17.06~),Python2.7.9~python3.6,docker-compose or minikube in local.


sudo pip install -i  python-derrick

if you find some error like: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory,Please install python-dev or python-devel with package manager.Windows please use powershell or winshell.



This software is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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