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Obtain table names {#concept_nmn_3nf_4gb .concept}

You can call the ListTable operation to obtain the names of all tables that are created in the current instance.


        Description: You can call this method to obtain all table names.
        Return value: the table name list.
        ``table_list`` indicates the table name list of the tuple type. For example: ('MyTable1', 'MyTable2').
		def list_table(self):


The following code provides an example of how to obtain the names of all tables in an instance.

		list_response = ots_client.list_table()
		print 'table list:'
		for table_name in list_response:
    		print table_name
		print "list table succeeded"
	except Exception:
		print "list table failed."

You can obtain the full sample code at ListTable@GitHub.

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