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The O² Control System
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Latest commit 995c7ec Mar 14, 2019
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cmd [peanut] Process Execution And coNtrol UTility, initial commit Feb 25, 2019
coconut [coconut] Implement list workflow templates Dec 6, 2018
common Refactor make install target and push VERSIONfile content to Go Mar 12, 2019
configuration [configuration] Allow JSON as well as YAML as input Feb 25, 2019
core Acquire LD_LIBRARY_PATH from Mesos Agent attribute and push to executor Mar 12, 2019
executor [executor] Push timestamp on every update Mar 12, 2019
occ Use VERSIONfile for OCC too Mar 12, 2019
COPYING Rename and use GLPv3 Aug 28, 2017
Makefile [build] Force cgo static linkage with libstdc++ required by InfoLogger Mar 14, 2019 [coconut] Add README Nov 6, 2018
VERSION [build] Bump version Mar 14, 2019
go.mod [core][coconut] Update go mod deps Dec 6, 2018
go.sum [core][coconut] Update go mod deps Dec 6, 2018
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