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🎃 HacktoberFest Starter Project 🎃

** Oct 24th, 2017 Update: THIS REPO IS TEMPORARILY NOT MERGING NEW PRs until the file is sorted! Thanks for your patience! **

Use this project to make your first contribution to an open source project on GitHub. Practice making your first pull request to a public repository before doing the real thing!

Celebrate Hacktoberfest by getting involved in the open source community by completing some simple tasks in this project.

This repository is open to all members of the GitHub community. Any member may contribute to this project without being a collaborator.

What is Hacktoberfest?

A month-long celebration from October 1st - 31st sponsored by Digital Ocean and GitHub to get people involved in Open Source. Create your very first pull request to any public repository on GitHub and contribute to the open source developer community.

How to contribute to this project

Here are 3 quick and painless ways to contribute to this project:

  • Add your name to the file
  • Add a profile page to the profiles directory
  • Create a simple "Hello, World" script in a language of your choice

Choose one or all 3, make a pull request for your work and wait for it to be merged!

Getting started

  • Fork this repository (Click the Fork button in the top right of this page, click your Profile Image)
  • Clone your fork down to your local machine
git clone
  • Create a branch
git checkout -b branch-name
  • Make your changes (choose from any task below)
  • Commit and push
git add .
git commit -m 'Commit message'
git push origin branch-name
  • Create a new pull request from your forked repository (Click the New Pull Request button located at the top of your repo)
  • Wait for your PR review and merge approval!
  • Star this repository if you had fun!

Choose from these tasks

1. Add your name

Add your name to the file using the below convention:

#### Name: [YOUR NAME](GitHub link)
- Place: City, State, Country
- Bio: Who are you?
- GitHub: [GitHub account name](GitHub link)

2. Add a profile page

Add a file to the profiles directory. Use any combination of content and Markdown you'd like. Here is an example:

# Your Name

### Location

Your City/Country

### Academics

Your School

### Interests

- Some Things You Like

### Development

- Inventor of the My Pillow

### Projects

- [My Project](GitHub Link) Short Description

### Profile Link

[Your Name](GitHub Link)

3. Create a Hello, World! Script

Add a hello_world_yourusername.xx script to the scripts directory in any language of your choice! Here is an example:

// LANGUAGE: Javascript
// ENV: Node.js
// AUTHOR: Alice Chuang

console.log('Hello, World!');

Name the file hello_world_yourusername.xx. e.g., hello_world_alicewonderland.js or

Don't forget to include the comments as seen above. Feel free to include additional information about the language you choose in your comments too! Like a link to a helpful introduction or tutorial.

Here is my hello_world example: hello_world_alicewonderland.js


  • See profiles submitted by fellow coders from around the globe ... from Kathmandu to Copenhagen.
  • Discover some obscure to new and trending languages ... from BrainFuck to Groovy.
  • Check out some very creative ways to print out a "Hello, World!" string.

Reference links

Here is a great tutorial for creating your first pull request by Roshan Jossey:

Managing your Forked Repo:

Syncing a Fork:

Keep Your Fork Synced:

Checkout this list for README examples - Awesome README Awesome

Github-Flavored Markdown

Additional references added by contributors

GitHub license explained


Participate in Hacktoberfest by contributing to any Open Source project on GitHub! Here is a starter project for first time contributors. #hacktoberfest








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