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Droidcon Demo App

The updated slides for the talk is available at:

The demo app looks like this:

alt text

It will go over the 4 problems which we will talk about in the slides.

Checking out the code

In order to check out the initial "bad" code do:

git checkout bad_code

In order to check out the solution to problem 1-4:

git checkout problem<X>_solution

eg. git checkout problem1_solution

In order to checkout the final solution code do:

git checkout final_solution

How to make app run

Note: this app will not run without Pinterest PDK api key.

Getting an API key should be fairly straight forward See docs here.

First, create a Pinterest Developer application.

Once you have created your first Pinterest developer account, you can copy the API key from the developer application. Paste it into the app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file by replacing you_api_key_here with the API key you got from your developer application.