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A simple and beautiful mod manager for The Sims 4
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General information

AllyMods is a simple user friendly software that is designed to accomplish the easiest and most efficient modding activity in The Sims 4. Several features distinguish this program from many others, such as the drag-and-drop features for mods/folders and the manipulation of the aforementioned items in any amount!


  • You must have the game The Sims 4 installed on your machine or the required files are most likely to be non existent.


  • Download AllyMods.exe and run it, you will directly be set-up to use this software, no other special installation is required. The mod manager will automatically detect for the required path and inform the user of any error that has been encountered.

¿Why is there no installer?

AllyMods contains the required imports and dlls to allow a fluent functionality with the single .exe file, it is compressed and made to allow flexibility/portability of the program without need of transferring over one file.


To add:

  • Mod downloader from the software
  • Theme settings tab (Allow the user to customize the appearance of the interface)
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