Alignak monitoring framework contributions

Satellite projects to the Alignak monitoring core framework

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  1. alignak-backend

    Backend for alignak (REST API for configuration, retention, livestate, logs) based on Python Eve

    JavaScript 10 6

  2. alignak-webui

    Web User Interface for Alignak monitoring framework

    Python 4 4

  3. alignak-backend-import

    Utilities to import Nagios compatible flat files configuration into the Alignak backend

    Python 1

  4. alignak-demo

    Alignak installation and configuration for a demo monitoring server

    Shell 2 1

  5. alignak-app

    Desktop application in system tray for Alignak users.

    Python 5 1

  6. alignak-backend-client

    Python Alignak backend client library and script

    Python 4 3

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