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Alignak Backend PHP client

PHP client library for Alignak Backend

Develop branch build status Join the chat #alignak on License AGPL v3

Important note: this PHP library is still on development and should be considered as a beta version!


The Backend client PHP class is commented but do not have a dedicated documentation.

It implements the same interface as the Python client which is documented and that you can refer to if needed in this online documentation

The Alignak backend documentation will also be really helpful to you ;)

Release strategy

Alignak backend and its satellites (backend client, and backend import tools) must all have the same features level. As of it, take care to install the same minor version on your system to ensure compatibility between all the packages. Use 0.4.x version of Backend import and Backend client with a 0.4.x version of the Backend.

Bugs, issues and contributing

Please report any issue using the project issues page.